Prospective Residents


What is your application process and your requirements?


Here at Bell Property Management, we sit down and walk you through the application and the lease agreement.  We require a $20 application fee per applicant and security deposit, both in the form of check or money orders at the time of application. The application process averages 2 - 5 days.


Bell Property Management looks at your employment and requires that you have verifiable monthly gross income. We also look at your rental history and for a positive credit and legal history. If you do not meet these requirements, we may consider your application with a co-signer.


Do you allow pets at your properties?


We do allow cats! We have a maximum of 2 cats with an additional $100 deposit. There is also a $25 monthly fee per cat. We also allow small caged animal with consent. We do not allow dogs.


Do you have parking at your properties?


All of our properties (excluding our downtown buildings) have some form of off-street/garage parking for an additional monthly fee. For pricing and availability please contact us at (414) 332-1117.


Current Residents


What is a 5-day notice?


Receiving a 5-day notice from Bell Property Management is to be taken as a warning against a lease violation that needs to be corrected within those 5-days in order to avoid consequences, one of which may include eviction. Reasoning for a 5-day notice to be issued can be unpaid rent, noise complaints, and reports of unauthorized guest, or any section or rule violated on your signed lease agreement. For any questions or concerns upon receiving a 5-day notice please contact the office at (414) 322-1117.    


I forgot my username/password for my online profile?


For username and password recovery please contact Entrata at 877-826-9700.


Why does my balance say $0.00?


When paying your rent online you may notice that it states that your balance is $0.00 or a negative number. You will need to manually enter your rent amount in order to make a payment. This you will need to do for every payment you make. You may also set up automatic payments. It is your responsibility to stop any automatic payments when you vacate. For rent questions please contact the office at (414) 332-1117.


How do I pay rent online?


For paying rent online you will go to www.bellapt.com and select “Resident Sign In.” Select your property based on your building address and fill in your information. Agree to the terms and conditions and create your account. Next, you will select “Make Payment,” enter your rent amount and hit “enter”. Select a payment option (Notice convenience fees under each option). We suggest E-Check. Enter your banking or card information, agree to the fees, terms, and conditions, and submit your payment.


How to resolve or upgrade my cable and internet?


For any cable or internet issues or to upgrade your package within our bulk account please contact Time Warner at 844-725-4323. You will be responsible for the difference between your upgrade and our offered service.


How do I put in a maintenance request?


You will need to put in a request through your resident manager. They will have a solution or be able to contact our maintenance staff for service. You are also able to put in a maintenance request on our website through your resident profile.